3 Easy Steps to Using an Austin Courier Service

If you’ve never used a delivery service before, you might be feeling apprehensive. Is it reliable? How much will it cost? What do I need to do? The good news is that the most reliable Austin courier service is dependable, affordable, and easy to use. Begin by choosing a delivery service that meets the needs of your business. Consider the types and speed of deliveries or pickups that you’ll need. One- or two-hour services should be available, as well as same-day services to anywhere in your state. Drivers should be bonded and fully licensed to handle a wide variety of materials and documents. When you speak to representatives of your chosen Austin courier service, you should leave feeling comfortable and confident in their ability to serve you.


Whenever possible, schedule your deliveries ahead of time. This allows the Austin courier service of your choosing to plan for your pickups and deliveries in advance. If this is not possible, that’s okay. The couriers you hire should be able to handle emergencies and surprise deliveries without issue. When you phone to arrange transport, have an idea of the size and weight of the package. You should also know exactly what it contains, and if there are requirements regarding temperature, fragility, or other issues that can impact handling.


Always provide complete information about where or to whom the package should be handed off. Ensure that confirmation will be obtained, and that you’ll be able to check on the exact delivery time and location of your parcel. If notarization or other specialized services are required, be sure that your Austin courier service provider knows this in advance. With a little knowledge and advance planning—you can feel confident that the Austin courier service you hire will have the tools and skills they need to help get the job done. For experienced delivery specialists in Austin and San Antonio, Dependable Express is the undisputed industry leader.