The busier you get, the more you probably wish you had a little help getting things done. Minor annoyances like sitting in traffic and dealing with errands can become big problems when they take time away from more pressing obligations, like doing work or being with loved ones. If you’ve been thinking about utilizing errand running services, you might be surprised at how many options are available.

  1. Pre-scheduled Routes. This type of service can make your pick-ups or drop-offs part of a regular route. These offer less flexibility than other types of errand running services but are often the most affordable choice. Pre-scheduled route deliveries generally happen within regular business hours and are a solid option for people who like to plan ahead.
  2. Same-Day Delivery. More akin to a standard errand running service, this type of delivery service allows you to drop off scheduled items, like payroll checks or important paperwork. But this service can also be used for unexpected situations, like dropping off a forgotten jacket or homework, items for donation, or even lunch for a sick friend. Same-day delivery can happen within an hour or two, or by end of business.
  3. Courier Service. This is a handy option for people dealing with unexpected surprises. It can be liberating to know that what would have been an inconvenient emergency can now be handled with a single phone call or email. Courier services employ professionals who are trained to handle everything from medical equipment to legal contracts and may even provide notary services.

Regardless of what errand running service you decide to use, you’ll feel great knowing that your deliveries are being tended to by knowledgeable, professional people whose job it is to make your day go that much more smoothly. Contact the delivery professionals at Dependable Express for rates, schedules, or more information on how errand running services can make your day easier.