3 Ways a Same Day Courier Can Save the Day

By April 26, 2017Courier Service

Why would you need a same day courier?   Because life happens. You wake up on a Thursday morning and realize you need to get the new contracts to employees at six different store locations. Your mind races, reminding you that payroll is also due tomorrow—which means driving checks across town to be signed. Just as you’re wondering how you’ll get everything done, you realize that your child’s school project is still in the back seat of your car… though your child and their school are now clear across town. Now what?


Here’s where a same day courier can literally save the day:


  • Utilizing same day courier services with Dependable Express, you can have those contracts dropped off by end of business that very day. Yes, to all six locations. Isn’t that a relief? An experienced courier can ensure that those payroll checks will be signed, and even notarized if need be. Then they can be brought to their eager recipients. And that school project? It’s not needed until the afternoon, so a 3-hour delivery window can be a cost-effective way to avoid catastrophe.
  • Want to use a same day courier with even more convenience? You can set up an account with Dependable Express. You can add your most used destinations—other locations for your businesses, your children’s schools, the local courthouse, or even an elderly parent who sometimes needs help with errands. Same day couriers can make life easier for everyone, and setting up a regular schedule is as easy as sending an email.
  • Same day delivery services aren’t just for emergencies. You can arrange pick-ups and deliveries well in advance—which can save you money over last minute deliveries. Dependable Express can even offer same-day ground service anywhere within the state of Texas.


For more helpful information about same day courier service and everything they can do for you—visit Dependable Express or call 210-877-9191 or 512-291-6368. You can get a quote, set up an account, or ask questions to help you decide which options are best for you.