4 Key Advantages of Document Shredding Services

In today’s modern world, professional document shredding services are crucial to business success. Not only do they help companies ensure privacy and security, they also offer a whole slew of other benefits that can improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and enhance companies as a whole.

Never used document shredding services at your business? Still doing your shredding in-house? Here are four benefits offered by professional shredding services:

  • Ensures security for you, your employees and your customers – Instead storing years and years of old files in your drawers and filing cabinets, shredding services allow you to completely destroy that information. This renders it invulnerable to theft and prying eyes, and it ensures both your security and the security of those you serve.
  • Clears space in your office – Forget filling your office closets with boxes and boxes of old files. Document shredding services can get rid of that old paperwork in minutes. Then you can use that space for more important office needs.
  • Eliminates the need for filing and shredding in-house – Sure, you can buy a small shredder at Walmart, but is that really the best use of your resources? Depending on the amount of shredding you’ll need to do, you may end up paying an employee to dedicate a significant amount of hours just to shredding. More than likely, their time and energy would be better utilized elsewhere in your business.
  • Saves time – Most shredders you can buy in office supply and big box stores are small – usually only taking one or two pieces of paper at a time. Professional shredding services use commercial-size equipment, so they can shred thousands of papers at once. In just minutes, all your old documents, bills and paperwork are gone.

Ready to enjoy all the benefits of document shredding services? Contact Dependable Express today. We offer insured, guaranteed shredding that can keep your company and your customers safe.