4 Reasons to Use a Secure Shredding Service

Although just about every office supply store sells a plethora of shredders, the simple truth is that they’re not the best option for businesses. While store-bought shredders may suffice for individuals looking to destroy old bills, paperwork or forms, they’re typically not effective enough for companies looking to shred financial data, proprietary information or confidential customer details. For these entities, the only real option is a secure shredding service. A secure shredding service can destroy your documents and paperwork completely and ensure that they are disposed of safely, securely and confidentially.

Not sold on a secure shredding service just yet? Here are four reasons to start using one today:

  • To protect your company and your customers – To put it simply, handling your own shredding just isn’t safe enough for your customers and your company. If any of those documents fall into the wrong hands, it could mean very bad things for your business. A secure shredding service can ensure your documents are safe and secure every step of the way – from initial drop-off to final disposal.
  • To free up space –Over the years, documents and paperwork begin to pile up – especially if you’re a growing company. Using a secure shredding service can help clear out some of that clutter and give you more space to grow and expand your business.
  • To cut down on your labor and equipment costs – When you use a secure shredding service, you actually save money in the end. You don’t need to invest in an expensive shredder for your office, and you don’t have to cover the costs of labor, staffing and other expenses for the actual shredding itself.
  • To be sustainable – Most secure shredding services recycle their shredded documents. So if you’re looking to cut down on your company’s carbon footprint or go green in the coming year, using a shredding service is the perfect way to start.

Want to make sure your documents are destroyed safely and securely? Then call Dependable Express. Our secure shredding service can help.