4 Reasons You Should Hire Bike Couriers

Bike CouriersWhen you think of delivery options for businesses, perhaps you think of more traditional services, such as shipping carriers or the postal service. But what happens when you need something delivered right now, and just a few blocks away? That is where bike couriers from Dependable Express come in. Here are four benefits a bike courier provides for your business.

On-Time, All the Time

Getting your delivery to the right place at the right time is critical, which is why bike couriers are such a popular choice for local delivery. Rain or shine, traffic or not, these couriers are able to get to their destination. Dependable Express is a locally owned and operated company, and we only hire riders who know the city and can get your San Antonio deliveries made with prompt same-day or next-day service.

Save Money

Sending packages overnight or by express delivery is often expensive, especially for large, odd size, or heavy items. Plus, most traditional package services don’t offer same-day delivery (except in rare cases, and often for a hefty price). Bike couriers can get your package delivered in a short time at an affordable price.

A “Greener” Solution

Since these couriers ride bikes, they offer an earth-friendly alternative to carriers that deliver in large fossil-fuel-burning trucks and vans. Going green doesn’t mean you have to give up convenience or pay a higher price, though. A bike courier offers you the best of both worlds for local delivery—it’s affordable and environmentally conscious.

Safe Shipping Solutions for Unique Items

Many people think of couriers transporting documents—and that is certainly something our couriers can do—but bike delivery also offers an opportunity to send unique items in a safe and reliable way, including:

  • Perishable items
  • Food
  • Medications or medical supplies
  • Vehicle or manufacturing plant parts that must be replaced immediately

The bike couriers at Dependable Express offer fast, friendly, and professional service. For all your San Antonio deliveries, contact us today at 210-877-6161 or toll-free at 800-349-9161.