4 Ways a Legal Delivery Service Can Speed Up Your Law Firm

It can’t be denied that our legal system generates an impressive amount of paperwork. Every step in the legal process must be properly documented and organized. That means that the transportation and delivery of legal documents can’t be entrusted to just anyone. Ideally, the delivery of contracts, deeds, and other court-related paperwork should be handled by a legal delivery service. You might already know that a staff of trained drivers who understand the complications of handling sensitive documents is paramount to lawyers and their clients. What you might not know is that the right legal delivery service can also save your law firm money and time.


Why send an associate, clerk or office assistant when you can entrust your documents to an experienced legal delivery service? An outside service like Dependable Express allows your in-house staff to remain in the office and focused on the tasks at hand, while still ensuring the prompt delivery of important paperwork. A reliable legal delivery service can also help when an urgent situation arises. Last minute filings, unscheduled surprise meetings, or any unexpected emergency can be easily handled by a delivery team—which lets you focus on other things. Knowing that vital documents are being handled by professionals gives you and your staff peace of mind.


The best legal delivery services will also offer mobile notary services. The ability to have documents notarized on the go is a tremendous time saver. Better still, the mobile notary can meet you wherever you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—even on holidays. Talk about convenience! Delivery services are many and varied. But only those that specialize in legal deliveries will have the experience and knowledge needed to ensure quick and accurate delivery of documents to any number of lawyers, courts, or firms in your area. Check out Dependable Express and see why we are Texas’ premiere legal delivery service.