4 Ways to Use a Messenger Courier Service to Your Advantage

In the business world, a messenger courier service can be your organization’s greatest ally. They can transport documents, packages and other deliveries in a flash, and can even help with deliveries between locations and other offices, keeping your operation productive, efficient and profitable 24-7.

Never used a messenger courier service before? Here are four of the best ways to use one:

  1. For interoffice mail and deliveries – Need to send mail, documents or paperwork between your office locations? Forget using snail mail or UPS. A messenger courier service can get the job done for you in no time.
  2. To get contracts delivered and signed – Want that contract delivered to your new client today, so it can be notarized and executed as soon as possible? A messenger can help with this, too. Our couriers even offer mobile notary services, which can get your forms and contracts notarized on the spot.
  3. To deliver rush orders and packages – If you need something delivered across town ASAP, a messenger courier service is your best bet. We offer five levels of express service, including 1-hour, 2-hour and 3-hour services, so your package can be there whenever you need it!
  4. For deliveries in times of high-traffic – If there’s high traffic in your area, it can be hard to make deliveries in a hurry. Fortunately, we also have bike courier services, which can give you a faster, more flexible option in times of traffic or congestion.

Whether you only have the occasional delivery to make or you’re sending contracts, packages and documents across town daily, a messenger courier service can be an invaluable ally. They can help you stay productive and efficient, while keeping your costs low and your customers happy. Want to learn more about how a messenger can help your business? Contact Dependable Express today.