5 Austin Warehousing Services No Business Can Live Without

By October 26, 2015Warehousing

Warehousing isn’t all about storage. At Dependable Express, we offer dozens of Austin warehousing services that can improve your efficiency, customer service and bottom line. Best of all, they can all be used in conjunction, giving you a single, streamlined warehousing solution that makes running your business a breeze.

So which Austin warehousing services should you be looking at? Here are some of the more vital ones:

  • Pick and Pack – The warehouse team will pick specific products and orders off the shelves, package them up and send them off to the customers, retail locations or other destinations.
  • Quality Control – Our QC specialists can check to ensure each order is as it should be – correct, undamaged and ready for the customer – before it leaves the warehouse door. This can work wonders for customer service and even increase repeat business.
  • Cross-dockingCross-docking is a valuable service that can help you consolidate your shipments. Say you have various suppliers – all of whom send a small piece of a larger product. With cross-docking, our warehouse techs would receive and combine the various shipments, package them up and send them out as required. There are other types of cross-docking that can benefit manufacturers, retailers and more.
  • Inventory Management – Let our team monitor inventory levels, manage inventory organization, and store your shipments and products properly. You’ll never run out of a piece or product again.
  • Sorting & Distribution – Just need help sorting through all the various shipments and getting them to the right place? This is your answer. If done right, it can even allow you to avoid storing inventory altogether.

Think one or more of these Austin warehousing services could benefit your organization? Then contact Dependable Express today. We’ll help you determine the best, most effective warehousing solution possible.