5 Industries That Need Cross Docking

By November 25, 2014Cross Docking

If your business requires any type of shipping, warehousing or logistics, then you should know about cross docking. Cross docking is a unique delivery method that helps move the desired product directly from the manufacturer to the final customer’s hands, eliminating any in-between work on your company’s behalf. It can reduce hassle, lower costs and ensure a more efficient and cost-effective operation on the whole.

Not sure if cross docking is right for your business? Learn about five industries that could benefit from cross docking services:

  • Retail –The cross docking facility will receive products from various vendors and manufacturers. Then they’ll sort, package, and send them out to individual retail store locations.
  • Transportation– If you deal in small loads or packages, cross docking can take care of less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments. The facility will receive shipments from several carriers or vendors and sort them for shipping to the desired customers or locations.
  • Opportunistic – If you’re an online-only operation, cross docking is a great option. Your products can come directly from the vendor to the cross docking partner, who will then repackage it and send it straight to the customer.
  • Manufacturing – If you manufacture your own products, a cross docking facility that combines warehousing as well can serve as the hub for your parts and tools. Cross docking can also prepare sub-assemblies for production orders.
  • Distributor – Are your products bundled or packaged together? The cross docking facility will receive the various items from each vendor or manufacturer, bundle them together in mixed product pallets, and distributed as necessary.

If your business could benefit from cross docking, contact Dependable Express today. We can help with cross docking, warehousing, logistics, transportation and more.