5 Pros and Cons of Running Your Own Freight Warehouse

By January 2, 2017Warehousing

If you’ve been thinking of investing in your own warehouse, you’re probably counting on all the freedom you’ll have and the customization you can implement. Sounds great, right? When everything in your new warehouse is specifically designed for your exact needs, your life will be easier, you think. Let’s look at five major plusses and minuses of having your own freight warehouse.

Pro #1: Computer automation is readily available to streamline intake and inventory management. Freight warehouse staff need not rely on manual entry of data when barcodes can simply be scanned on entry.

Con #1: That kind of money and time-saving tech isn’t cheap. You’ll be looking at a big investment up front. In time though, it may pay for itself.

Pro #2: You can enter your own freight warehouse anytime, day or night, workday or weekend, even on a holiday. Think of the freedom!

Con #2: That “freedom” may mean keeping security staff on duty at all times. There are also costs like temperature control, lighting, ventilation, pest control, and more, which can all add up over time.

Pro #3: Choice of location.

Con #3: This may not be all it’s cracked up to be, since you’ll still have to consider traffic and your chosen locale’s relationship to airports, trains, or other businesses.

Pro #4: Complete control over hiring. When you own and manage your own freight warehouse, you decide what qualifications will be required, who the best choices will be for any position, and what type of training the new hires will receive.

Con #4: Selecting applicants is a learned skill, one that takes time and experience to achieve. Hiring mistakes can be costly since expenses for hiring, training, uniforms, etc. can quickly add up. And that’s not even counting the nightmare that is scheduling.

Pro #5: Control over every aspect of your own freight warehouse management.

Con #5: Micromanaging your warehouse takes far more time and energy than you might think. Within a year—maybe less—you may find yourself aching to delegate.

Running your own freight warehouse may seem like a logical idea. But when you factor in the investments, maintenance, equipment, staffing, and all other aspects, it makes more sense to contract your warehousing needs to a company that specializes in helping your business work better. Contact Dependable Express for more information on freight warehousing at 210-877-6161.