5 Things You Should Know About 3rd Party Logistics

Managing the chain of supply for your business can be a hassle. Moving items from their originating source to wholesalers, retailers, and finally consumers can require complex orchestration. When you look at how your time at work is spent, you might find that shipping and logistics take up a big hunk of your work week. The good news? Hiring an outside company to handle 3rd party logistics can benefit you and your business. By using a specialized team to integrate the management of transportation, warehousing, and delivery, you can focus on other things. What should you know about 3rd party logistics before you hire someone?

  1. Adaptability. A third party logistics supplier can adjust their services to meet your specific needs. This is true even when those needs change throughout the year. Chances are, your requirements for transportation, short and long term storage, and order fulfillment will fluctuate often. Let them work out the details in a way that makes you and your clients happy.
  2. Specialization. No doubt you know your business and industry backwards and forwards. Similarly, logistics providers understand the ins and outs of transportation, transloading, cross-docking, and other services you might not have realized you need. Let their experience work for you.
  3. Low Upfront Costs. Compared to renting permanent warehouse space or contracting regular deliveries by truck—a 3rd party logistics company allows you to get what you need without a huge upfront investment.
  4. Long Term Savings. By only paying for services you actually need, 3rd party logistics professionals lead to a better bottom line. Just think where you could invest all those savings to improve and update your business.
  5. Time. There are those who say that “time is money.” Any business owner knows that timesavers don’t just save money—they save sanity. Whether you’re looking for more time to address other aspects of your business, or you’d just like to leave work at a reasonable hour—the right 3rd party logistics provider will help you meet that goal.

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