8 Materials a Medical Courier Can Transport

Using a medical courier doesn’t just save money and time—it can save lives. Getting equipment, medication, and other supplies to where they need to be is of vital importance to patients, doctors, dentists, and lab workers. So what exactly can a medical courier transport?

  1. Biotechnology. This type of tech should only be handled by those certified in HAZMAT and who have an understanding of the equipment and materials. Use of a medical courier for biotech is essential.
  2. Medications. Using a courier service to deliver medications and other pharmaceuticals to doctors, clinics, and patients is a great idea. Non-compliance in taking medications can cost a patient their health or even their life. Ensuring that doctors and patients have their prescriptions on hand increases compliance.
  3. Specimens. Medical couriers have the training and technology to speedily deliver medical samples to labs for testing. Medical couriers can even deliver samples that require cold storage.
  4. Equipment. Supplies and equipment for testing or treatment may not be readily available everywhere they are needed. Same-day delivery for medical machinery allows patient treatment to take place where it’s most convenient to them.
  5. Paperwork. In many cases, sensitive paperwork shouldn’t be sent through the mail. Often, speedy delivery and even on-site notarization may be necessary. The best medical couriers will offer this type of service, which can make your life easier.
  6. Surgical tools. Ensuring that doctors have the right tool for the job is a primary goal of a medical courier. This includes tools for various surgeries.
  7. X-rays and other diagnostic tools. Like sensitive paperwork, X-ray films should not be sent via postal mail or even non-medical delivery services. Having the training to handle X-rays properly can make an enormous difference.
  8. Supplies. Same-day delivery can make all the difference for a patient who has run out of diabetes testing strips, or needs a refill of their oxygen tank. This is one of many ways a medical courier can save lives.

If you’re not using a medical courier, it might be time to ask why. Contact our team today about how our medical couriers can help you.