A Freight Warehouse Makes Shipping Your Products Simple

By July 13, 2015Warehousing

How streamlined is your business right now? If you are storing your products off-site in a warehouse and coordinating a logistics team for pick up, transport, and delivery to your customers, then there is room for improvement. Think of how much time is lost while those products are sitting in the loading bay. Hours? Days?

Fortunately, there is a way to simplify this process, make shipping easier, and get your products out to customers faster (without any wasted time). It’s called a freight warehouse.

What a Freight Warehouse Can Do for You

With a freight warehouse, you get to enjoy storage and logistics all in one. Whether you want to temporarily store your products on site, you need cross-docking help, or you want a permanent home for your inventory, a freight warehouse can be the answer.

It’s equipped with all the equipment and personnel necessary to handle your orders and offers pick-and-pack, sorting, distribution, order fulfillment, and packing, among other features.

The best part is that once those products are pulled and the orders are ready, you no longer have to wait for a freight team to come in and pick up your shipments. Instead, there’s a freight team on-site, built into the freight warehouse’s services. They’ll take over the orders from there, coordinating routes, delivery times, and shipments from start to finish.

Ultimately, this takes much the cost and time out of the process, making your entire operation more efficient, productive, and profitable on the whole.

Interested in a Freight Warehouse?

If you think a freight warehouse could benefit your company, contact Dependable Express today. We offer warehousing and logistics services in Austin, San Antonio, and throughout Texas, and we want to help your business succeed through expert freight, distribution, and storage services. Call us now to learn more.