Why would you need an Austin delivery service? Austin and the surrounding areas are a great place to live. But the traffic? Not so much.

Let’s say it’s the morning of your big presentation at work, and you’re raring to go. You’re up an hour early. Your double-checked PowerPoint presentation looks perfect. Everything is going exactly according to plan, and you’re elated. Traffic is even on your side for the first time all week.

But as you leave your car and walk toward the office, you get a text, and then another. Your youngest child forgot her lunch at home, while your oldest child needs a new saxophone reed for a 4 p.m. performance. You’ve now got 20 minutes before your presentation—not nearly enough time to make that many stops.

Dependable Express to the rescue! Those 20 minutes are plenty of time to schedule a delivery so that lunch can be picked up at home and dropped off at school before the clock hits noon. Arranging a four-hour same day delivery can get that saxophone reed purchased, delivered, and installed with plenty of time to spare.

That’s just part of the beauty of a same day delivery service. San Antonio, Austin, or even statewide package drop off or pick up can save you the frustration of leaving work, making an extra stop (or three), and sitting around in traffic when you’ve got a dozen other things to do.

There’s no reason to be frazzled and overworked when same day delivery—San Antonio, Austin, or anywhere else in the state—is available. With an array of timing and delivery options, Dependable Express can help you choose a delivery service that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Take control of your day by giving Dependable Express a call. Choose from our many options for an Austin delivery service residents trust. Whether you need same day statewide ground service, specialized couriers, or something more specific, we’re happy to work with you to find solutions for all of your delivery needs. Contact us via email or phone at 210-877-6161 to get a quote or arrange a pickup or delivery.