Bike Couriers: The New Way to Deliver

San Antonio TX bike courierBicycle couriers have been in existence nearly as long as the two-wheeled convenience. It has always been a reliable, cost-effective and quick way to deliver general goods or important priority packages. It might be a surprise to the average person about the advantages of using such a courier and how this special mode of delivery helps the environment and lessens traffic congestion. Dependable Express, specializing in the San Antonio delivery service area and outlying counties and cities, can provide swift and convenient bike delivery for those most important packages that might take days to get to destination or be lost in transit via conventional mail services.

Pollution Negation

A bicycle courier uses human effort via pedal power to cross distances. There is no internal combustion engine involved that will emit toxic fumes to the atmosphere. Considering that 90 percent of all air pollution is caused by automobiles, it makes perfect sense that each bicycle on the road replaces one car or truck, eliminating that much more harmful exhaust into the air. It is equally preferable for a motorist to trail behind a bicyclist rather than a out-of-tune vehicle that is spewing black or blue smoke. Bikes “green” the planet by using less products like oils and other fluids as well as requiring less expensive maintenance.


Vehicles take up a large physical footprint and add to vehicle congestion on the roads and streets. The last thing a high-traffic metropolitan area needs is more cars and trucks on the road, causing bumper to bumper snarls during rush hour. Couriers use much less surface area by using specified bike lanes which keeps them out of the traffic lanes. Less cars equates to better traffic flow and less frustrated drivers.


Bike couriers are trained professionals that know their area and the best routes for local or longer deliveries. Bike operators abide by the same laws as vehicle drivers, but are especially conscious of keeping themselves in a constant state of alertness and defensive driving. Vehicle parking areas are not required for bikes since they need only a rack for parking. Speed is one of the primary benefits of a bicycle courier service. They can maneuver in tight areas and often pass up slower moving traffic, regularly delivering packages within minutes in a crowded city.

Dependable Express, serving the greater San Antonio area and many surrounding Texas counties and cities, are equipped to dispatch bonded and insured bike couriers within minutes of a request. They also provide shredding services for corporations, companies and small businesses. Don’t wait. For fast and guaranteed general or legal delivery services call Dependable Express at 1-888-392-0722.