Businesses Can Benefit From Local Parcel Delivery Services

Parcel DeliveryWhen businesses have a reliable parcel delivery service to take care of their delivery needs, it can mean the difference between unhappy clients who never return, and repeat business with rave referrals to friends and family. At Dependable Express, we provide our business clients with guaranteed on-time, same day delivery throughout the state of Texas with customer satisfaction that can’t be beat.

Local Couriers for Local Shipments

Companies that choose local couriers instead of big-name national companies for their local deliveries can see a noticeable difference in their pocket books at the end of the quarter. This is usually due to the fundamental difference between the two business models. The courier system is designed to provide businesses with direct, desk-to-desk services in a time sensitive manner, no matter the size of the parcel.

The national model is built with a web of destinations in mind, trying to maximize the amount of parcels that can be delivered to many locations throughout the U.S. The chain of custody, or the amount of people handling a parcel, can be ten times as great with a national company. This alone can cause a significant increase in costs, as well as an increased likelihood that something will go amiss with the parcel before it reaches its destination.

Eliminate Overnight Couriers

By employing local couriers for local deliveries, businesses can save money through eliminating overnight courier fees. These fees are often forced upon businesses due to the prohibitive rules and costs of same-day parcel delivery that are commonly seen in national companies. In many instances, overnight fees for the national companies are significantly higher than those for same-day San Antonio deliveries. Additionally, if your package weighs more, is larger than normal, or multiple packages are heading to one location, the fees can really add up quickly, making the entire endeavor more expensive.

At Dependable Express, our methods are clear and our happy clients speak for themselves. To set up a parcel delivery for your local business, contact us at 1-800-349-6161 for a price quote.