Cartage: Should You Hire a Pro?

If you’re watching your budget, you might not be so keen on paying cartage rates for your freight and shipments. Unfortunately, trying to handle these tasks yourself can actually result in more charges; you have to cover the truck rental; pay for staff members to pack, load and drive the shipment; and foot the bill for gas and other minor expenses. The truth is, most of the time, using a pro is the best (and most affordable) option.

Are you hesitant to pay cartage fees to get your shipments from one place to another? Ask yourself these questions, and see if using a pro is the right choice for you:

  • How much do you have? If you have a small shipment, handling it yourself isn’t as big of an undertaking. If you have a large one, though, you’re going to need some serious equipment and a full staff to handle it, too. With a pro, you just pay one price, and they’ll take care of everything.
  • Does it require any special equipment? More than likely, your shipment is going to need quite a bit of equipment. You’ll probably need a pallet jack, shipping pads, a lift gate-equipped truck, and a number of other tools in order to load your shipment and get it to its destination quickly. A pro will have all these on hand, cutting down your costs significantly.
  • Do you have a hard deadline? If you’re on a tight schedule, there’s no room for error. Trying to manage the shipment yourself could result in missing that deadline and losing out on a potential sale or customer. By choosing a pro instead, you can ensure your delivery is on time, no matter what.

Put your cartage in the hands of the experienced pros at Dependable Express. With affordable rates, professional team members and years of industry experience, we can help.