Choosing the Right Bank Courier Service: 4 Important Factors

By September 11, 2014Courier Service

Safety and security are crucial components of any courier service, but for a bank courier, these factors are even more important. Couriers that serve banks, credit unions and financial firms are often entrusted with highly valuable items like money, checks and important contracts. To ensure these items aren’t vulnerable to theft, the courier must be of the highest standards.

Are you in need of a bank courier? Here’s how to choose one that’s right for your company:

  • Find one that comes highly referred. Make sure you do some research before you make your choice. Talk to colleagues and other firms within your industry, and find out what courier service they use. Ask if they’ve been satisfied with their services, or if they’ve experienced any problems.
  • Ask about their systems. Find out if a courier can offer you a POD (proof of delivery) for every shipment you send. Better yet, see if they offer GPS tracking, so you can monitor your important deliveries every step of the way. A courier that offers this kind of transparency is often the most trustworthy.
  • Meet with them. Before choosing a bank courier, meet with a representative from the courier service first. Ask to see a copy of their employee handbook, inquire about their emergency procedures and ask for a breakdown of their security policies. You want to see that they’re doing all they can to prevent security slip-ups and theft.
  • Inquire about current and past clients. Once you’ve narrowed your search to one or two couriers, find out who their past and current clients are. Consider giving past clients a call to see why they no longer work with that particular company, and call current clients to see how they feel about the company’s services.

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