Considering Austin Cross Docking? 4 Products That Need It

By January 23, 2015Cross Docking

By cutting out the middle man and allowing for quick repackaging and shipment, our Austin cross docking services can ensure that products get out the door and into customers’ hands in no time flat. While services like these can simplify shipping for virtually any product, there are some items that are a perfect fit for the cross docking model.

Our Austin cross docking services are great for:

  • Promotional items – Since promotional items generally come in small batches or are seasonal, there’s no reason to spend tons of money on warehousing and inventory. Cross docking can receive these items directly from the vendor, and ship them out to their various destinations easily and quickly.
  • Perishable items – Perishable items need to be shipped out immediately; they can’t sit on shelves or wait for your employees to pick and pack them. At our cross docking facility, we’ll receive the perishable items, turn them around right on the loading dock, and get them out to your vendors or customers ASAP.
  • Pre-tagged and pre-ticketed items – If you have pre-tagged or coded products coming straight from the manufacturer, there’s no point in paying an employee to re-tag them, re-package them and send them out. Cross docking can take the shipments right out of the box, and get them on the next truck out to your customers.
  • In-demand products – Do you have products that are constantly in demand? With cross docking, you can keep inventory coming in and going out continuously – without ever having to take up warehouse space. Just order your products, and we’ll turn them around right on the dock.

If your company offers any of these four products, consider using our Austin cross docking services. We can speed up your shipments, improve your customers’ satisfaction, lower your costs and, most importantly, make your job easier. Contact Dependable Express today to learn more.