Courier San Antonio: 5 Unique Offerings You May Not Know About

As a long-time courierSan Antonio and Austin based—we like to keep ahead of the pack. That means offering new, value-added services to our customers, ones they just can’t get with other delivery or logistics companies in these areas. These services make our customers’ jobs easier, and they help them achieve their goals faster, more effortlessly and more affordably.

Just a few of the unique services we offer our clients include:

  1. GPS tracking—Never wonder where your deliveries are again. Just log into our online portal, and track your shipments in real time. You’ll be able to see exactly where your shipment is, as well as an estimated delivery time, in just minutes.
  2. Mobile notary—Need a contract delivered, signed, notarized and brought back? Forget driving around town to get everything you need. Our courier can do it all for you, thanks to our handy mobile notary services. We come to you!
  3. Personalized address database—Do you send deliveries to the same people over and over again? We can create a personalized address database just for you. You can even use it to print off shipping labels for future deliveries.
  4. Custom reports—Get a full visual of all your shipments and deliveries with our customized reports. Show them to your boss or just use them to help future shipping decisions moving forward.
  5. Pre-scheduled routes—Need items delivered on a weekly basis, or want to correspond with other locations or franchises in the area? Set up pre-scheduled routes, and ensure your deliveries are made quickly, efficiently and on time.

If you’re looking for a courierSan Antonio and Austin based—that adds real, tangible value to your bottom line, then consider Dependable Express. Our services can help your company work more efficiently and productively, and we do it all at an affordable price. Contact our team to get started today.