Cross-Dock at Our Distribution Warehouse for Easier Consolidated Shipping

By April 4, 2016Warehousing

How much does your business pay for warehouse storage? After pallet fees, handling, accessorial charges, monthly storage fees and administrative costs—you might be looking at a pretty penny. But there are ways to bring those costs down at the distribution warehouse level. In fact, cross-docking via distribution warehouse can save you money and time, and may *provide better service to those who depend on you. Special perks like consolidation or deconsolidation arrangements can save you even more. That’s great news for the customers and retail outlets you service. It’s also great news for your bottom line.

For the uninitiated, cross-docking is the practice of sorting inbound shipments at a specialized docking location. Arriving items are sorted and reloaded onto outgoing vehicles for rapid shipment. The distribution warehouse provides a place for items to be unloaded, counted if needed, and then sent on their way. This means minimal handing, no storage fees, and happy customers who receive their shipments without delay. A distribution warehouse can also be used to separate large shipments into a series of smaller ones for easier handling. This may also reduce errors and product shrinkage—another great bonus for you.

Even cost-effective storage methods like pallet storage can seem high-priced when you realize that cross-docking makes storage unnecessary. Cross-docking via a distribution warehouse means that shipping trucks meet at a central location every time—which can save you on warehousing service charges. The way you time the arrival and departure of shipments can also impact warehousing costs. Initial charges (those assessed when products arrive and are stored) may be unavoidable if warehousing services are needed. But recurring charges (assessed daily, weekly, or monthly) can be sharply cut by timing shipments to minimize storage time as much as possible. Utilizing a distribution warehouse for cross-docking shipments can bring your warehousing costs down to next to nothing.

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