How Cross Docking Services Can Help Grow Your eCommerce

When you’ve got a small business that you’re ready to expand nationwide or worldwide, you may consider partnering with Amazon, eBay, Sears Marketplace, or another major retailer. When you do, you may be surprised to discover that Amazon and others have a lot of fussy requirements about the size, shape, and weight of specific packages and items. Before you throw up your hands in frustration, consider that cross docking services can be an integral part of your order fulfillment plan. Cross docking services can save you money, time, and hassle while helping your business operate at peak levels. How?

If you’re not familiar with cross docking services, you’ll want to know the basics. Cross docking involves opening and sorting products in a designated warehouse docking area, then shipping them out without storing. Products can be sorted, repackaged, paired with previous deliveries, or otherwise prepped for their next destination. This process can be especially useful for items that have a short shelf life, such as food products or medical supplies. Cross docking can also involve consolidation or deconsolidation of previous shipments, allowing items to be packaged and reshipped quickly and without incurring long-term storage costs.

Cross docking services are especially helpful for small business owners who partner with retailers like eBay or Amazon. Items from multiple vendors can be sorted and repackaged for delivery to pickup locations, retail stores, or directly to customers. If your order volume is not especially high (also referred to as LTL or “less than truckload” amounts), a cross docking service can receive multiple small shipments and send them together to their next location.

You might also utilize cross docking services during special events like sales or holiday promotions. Getting products to their destinations as quickly as possible is one of the main benefits of cross docking (aside from saving money on storage space you aren’t using) and helps you stand out among competitors.

If you’ve been making money selling items through Amazon, Sears Marketplace, or eBay, cross docking services should definitely be on your radar. Find out more about warehousing and cross docking by contacting Dependable Express—a Texas leader in storage and delivery solutions: 1-800-349-9161.