Cross Docking Services Reduce Operational Costs Significantly

By March 9, 2015Cross Docking

Operational costs typically make up the biggest chunk of expenses for a modern business. Just keeping the lights on, paying your staff, and renting or purchasing equipment can easily run you thousands or even millions of dollars. But what can you do? Sure, you could find budget options, fire employees or cut back on your operating hours, but would that really make you a more successful business? Probably not.

Fortunately, there’s a better option—one that allows you to be more efficient and save on operational costs all at the same time. It’s called cross docking.

Cross docking services are a unique type of product delivery system that allow you to cut down on the time and effort each of your shipments require. The cross-docking facility receives a shipment straight from your manufacturer or distributor, packages it up with other orders headed the same direction, and sends it on its way.

How Cross Docking Services Can Save You Cash

Ultimately, cross-docking your deliveries means you need fewer employees and less equipment, you enjoy lower shipping costs, and you speed up your delivery times, which results in more satisfied, happy customers.

Best of all, with cross docking services on your side, you don’t need a warehouse or inventory store at all! Imagine the operational expenses you’d save in the long haul.

Cross docking can also save you on:

  • Fuel and transportation costs
  • Inventory management tools and equipment
  • Packing materials
  • Training and employee management costs
  • Returns and exchanges

Cross docking services are great for retail or transportation businesses, distributors, manufacturers and more. They can be used for promotional items, to speed up delivery of perishable items, and or to move pre-packaged orders from other warehouses.

Ready to Save on Your Operational Costs?

If saving on operational costs sounds like a dream, then consider utilizing our top-of-the-line cross docking services. Contact Dependable Express today to learn more.