Cut Your Costs by Using a Distribution Warehouse

By July 27, 2015Warehousing

There are many benefits to using a distribution warehouse, such as increased shipping times, easier management, and a more efficient operation on the whole. But one of the biggest advantages it offers? That would be the cost-savings.

A distribution warehouse can help you significantly cut down on the costs of your business. It does this by:

  • Making fluctuating storage a breeze No longer do you have to pay for a huge amount of permanent storage, even when your inventory levels are low. With a distribution warehouse, you can change your space allotment easily, so you’re not wasting funds or space at any time.
  • Offering you cheaper shipping rates Distribution warehouses have long-term contracts with statewide and national carriers. This allows you to take advantage of low rates, even on long-distance shipments.
  • Cutting down on your staff needs With a distribution warehouse, you get access to skilled managers, quality control staff, packers, sorters, and logistics experts, without ever having to pay an hour’s wages, benefits, or vacation time out-of-pocket.
  • Eliminating the need for expensive equipment – Warehouse equipment can be costly. Fortunately, when you use a distribution warehouse, you do not need to purchase any at all. It is all included in the price you pay – and you will never have to cover maintenance or repair costs, either.

As an added bonus, a distribution warehouse can also improve customer satisfaction, due to the fast, reliable service they deliver. While this might not cut your costs, it will lead to more repeat business, and that means more money in the long run.

Want to Save Money?

If you want to save your company cash, consider using a distribution warehouse to ship out your goods and orders. Want to learn more? Have any questions or comments? Contact the warehousing experts at Dependable Express today.

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