Delivery Outsourcing Can Subtract Stress From Clinical Laboratory Management

Delivery OutsourcingIf you are responsible for running a hospital laboratory, you know how important it is to have reliable delivery services. No single hospital laboratory does it all, and you probably need to participate in delivery outsourcing to send out a significant proportion of specimens to other labs that specialize in certain kinds of testing. Some of these tests may need to be done STAT, meaning that the delivery service needs to be ready to get the specimens to the testing location right away. In order to keep up with testing, you’ll very likely want to develop a delivery outsourcing partnership with a trusted company. If you’re looking for a reliable San Antonio delivery service for your hospital laboratory, Dependable Express is ready to help you.

Let Your Processing Staff Focus on What They Do Best

A hospital laboratory is a bustling work environment where employees are all doing a wide array of tasks on a nearly simultaneous basis. For specimen processing technicians and testing staff, multitasking is the name of the game. So is troubleshooting. Your employees need to keep track of the history of problem specimens on a regular basis, and they may be too busy to even write down the details of a given issue. It’s important that you avoid piling extra responsibilities, such as making deliveries, on your employees.

Delivery outsourcing can take the stress off your staff and make your job easier as well. Furthermore, laboratory performance will increase because your staff will be freed to focus on troubleshooting any missing or otherwise difficult specimens. If you’re looking for a delivery service that will help your lab run smoothly, contact Dependable Express at 210-877-6161.