Depend on Dependable Express for Your Legal Delivery Service

Same Day Legal DeliveriesCourt business often moves fast; you don’t have time to wait for your documents or for someone else to receive documents you send. If you need same-day legal delivery, you’ll want to depend on Dependable Express for all your legal delivery service needs.

We Specialize in Courthouse Filings

Our business has over 150 years of experience in the legal industry. We understand the nuances of courthouse filings as well as how important it is to get court documents to the people who need them in a timely manner. Our experience level allows us to assist with legal research as well as offering express courier services for attorneys and others involved in legal cases.

In addition to assisting you with last-minute court filings, we also offer document retrieval services. If you need a court document or other piece of legal paperwork, we can get it from the court and bring it to your office. We offer same-day services so that you never have to wait for a legal paper before moving forward with your case.

Notary Services

In addition to our courier services, we provide same-day notary services so that you can move forward with your bankruptcy, name change, or other court filing that requires notarization. You don’t even have to leave your home or office in order to get documents notarized—our mobile notary will come right to you.

Service of Documents

In addition to notary and courier services, we are also happy to serve documents to opposing counsel or other parties who need to be notified of a pending court action. Use us to quickly service divorce papers, bankruptcy papers, and other papers that the court requires you to formally serve.

If you’re looking for a San Antonio process server, a notary, or a legal courier, you’ll want to contact Dependable Express so that we can help you meet your needs as quickly as possible. Call us at 1-800-349-9161 to set up legal delivery service today.