Do You Need San Antonio Cross Docking Services?

By November 23, 2015Cross Docking

Receiving, packing and shipping out products can be a logistical nightmare – especially if you ship worldwide. There are just so many moving parts – not to mention employees, expenses and vendors – it can be incredibly hard to keep track of.

Fortunately, with San Antonio cross docking services like ours, you don’t have to.

Our cross docking services simplify the logistics of receiving, packing and distributing shipments all while saving you money and hassle to boot. Not sure if you need our San Antonio cross docking services? Just ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you receive products from various vendors? With cross docking, your vendors have a central place to send all your products, parts and deliveries. Then, our team puts it together and ships it out.
  • Do you ship out to separate retail or store locations? Need to receive shipments, only to break them down and send them back out to various offices? Cross docking can manage this all on the dock – no storage or warehousing space needed.
  • Do you often have smaller delivery loads? If your shipments aren’t taking up a whole truckload, you’re likely losing money on your logistics. Cross docking allows you to share space with other distributors, so you can ship less-than-truckload (LTL) loads faster and more affordably.
  • Do you offer promotional or perishable items? These things need a quick turnaround, so storing them on a warehouse shelf just isn’t an option. Instead, cross docking can ensure they’re unpacked, re-packaged and sent off ASAP.
  • Do you need shipments need to be put together or assembled from separate shipments? Cross docking can also be great for products that need to be assembled or put together before distribution. Our cross-dockers will unload shipments, put together products and orders, and re-package them all in one fell swoop.

Cross docking is an extremely valuable service that can save you money, time and hassle. Want to learn more about San Antonio cross docking services and how they can help you? Call Dependable Express today.