Shredded DocumentSome documents are too important to just throw away—they may contain personal or medical information that poses a security risk when in another person’s hands. Identity theft is now one of the most prolific crimes in the United States. Dependable Express can help you protect yourself, your family, or your business from this security threat with our document shredding services in San Antonio, TX.

Document shredding with Dependable Express has several benefits in addition to helping keep your identity or business safe and secure. Some other benefits include:

  • GPS Transportation – As soon as you hand us your important documents, we place tracking information on them, which means we can trace them all the way to their final destination—our secure shredding plant.
  • An Environmentally-Friendly Practice – Our company recycles all of the destroyed documents that we handle. The documents are sent to a paper mill where they go through a process called hydro pulping. Recycling the materials that come through our company allow us to save fuel, trees, and the environment.
  •  Certified Destruction – We provide a certificate of destruction that lets you know we are doing our jobs properly and according to the law. This certificate of destruction meets all the FACTA and HIPPA compliance laws.

These are just a few of the benefits you receive when you choose Dependable Express. We even offer regular discounts on our shredding services. Right now, you can capitalize on our 25% off any as-needed or per-request shredding service from our team. New customers can also save when they sign up for our scheduled document shredding service—we’ll give you the first month absolutely free.

When sensitive information is at stake, you need someone you can trust to destroy the information. Our San Antonio courier company specializes in working with important documents. In addition to shredding important documents, we also deliver sensitive materials and legal documents. You can rest assured knowing that your information is safe and secure in our hands. For more information about document shredding or to schedule regular shredding services, call Dependable Express today at 210-877-6161.