Document Shredding Is Good for Business and the Environment

Document ShreddingThere are a number of obvious benefits to utilizing the document shredding services we at Dependable Express offer, but one of these benefits often goes overlooked. The main reason that companies invest in our services is to protect any sensitive information by shredding the documents that contain this information, but we also recycle 100 percent of the documents we shred, something that helps the environment in a very positive manner.

Protect Sensitive Information

Identity theft is a major issue in America, and it is in fact the fastest growing crime in our nation. Identity thieves have little shame, as they are willing to comb through the dumpsters of any San Antonio business to find all of the sensitive documents that reveal whatever information they need to create a fraudulent identity, causing great financial harm to the victim. One of the best ways to avoid this is by investing in a document shredding service. Your sensitive information will now be completely destroyed and you can feel comfortable in knowing that you are protected against identity theft.

Protect the Environment

Once your sensitive documents have been destroyed, we then ensure that they are recycled through hydro-pulping. This process helps to save trees, fuel and energy, and we believe this responsible practice is a very important component of the services we offer.

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Source: Ecopreneurist, “The Eco Benefits Of Choosing The Right Document Destruction Company,” Derek Markham, January 10, 2014