Documents To Get Rid Of With Local Shredding Services

Document ShreddingYou might already be aware of why document shredding is so vital to your business, but Dependable Express also wants you to be aware of what documents that you should always shred. No matter how unimportant a document might seem, it still has the potential to land you in legal trouble or cause you to lose clients and customers should that document fall into the wrong hands. Before you simply throw away that slip of paper with a phone number on it, you might want to think about finding local shredding services.

Shred It

If you throw away proprietary or private data without shredding it, you are leaving yourself open to civil and criminal prosecution. If documents contain any of the following, consider local shredding services.

  • Phone numbers
  • Brokerage account information
  • Insurance information
  • Education
  • Passport number
  • Employment information

Sweat the Small Stuff

Even minor details can land you in major trouble if the wrong person gets into the paperwork you’ve thrown away. Shred misprinted forms, worksheets, memos, daily records, Post-Its and drafts of work. No matter how busy you and your employees might be, there is always enough time to make sure competitors and criminals can’t get ahold of any sensitive information. You’ll also want to make sure that you and your employees have all necessary documents shredded as soon as possible.

Dependable Express offers professional document shredding and a number of other services. Give us a call at 210-877-6161 the next time you are in need of efficient and local shredding services.