Don’t Let Warehouse Logistics Get You Down

By September 16, 2014Logistics, Warehousing

The logistics of warehousing and distribution can be overwhelming, especially if you’re inexperienced on the subject. You have to handle stocking your warehouse, organizing it, picking items for orders, packaging, loading and finally, shipping them to their final destination. Needless to say, it’s a lot to handle. Fortunately, you don’t have to manage warehouse logistics on your own. Dependable Express is here to help.

Get Help with Warehouse Logistics
If warehouse logistics are getting you down, contact Dependable Express. We can handle all aspects of the warehousing and distribution pipeline, from accepting product shipments and organizing them to picking items and fulfilling orders—we do it all.

Here are 7 things we can take off your plate:

  1. Accept your product deliveries and store your items in our warehouses. This cuts out the need for renting, staffing and maintaining an expensive warehouse on your own.
  2. Pick, pack and fulfill. We’ll take your orders, pick the correct items, package them up and get them ready for shipment.
  3. Manage shipment and transportation. We’ll get your shipments on the correct truck or plane, so it arrives on time for your customers and clients.
  4. Quality control. We’ll make sure each product and shipment that goes out is up to your strict standards and expectations.
  5. Security. We offer 24-7 video surveillance, so your products are never vulnerable to theft or vandalism.
  6. Cross-dock and co-pack. We can take your products, re-package them and send them out to your various locations and stores.
  7. Inventory control. We’ll stay on top of your inventory, so you always know what you have, what you need and when you’re running low.

Are you tired of managing warehouse logistics on your own? Then contact Dependable Express today. Our experts can take the burden off your shoulders and give you the best, most reliable warehousing solution around.

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