Ease Your Load with a Legal Delivery Service

Legal firms have enough on their hands without having to worry about delivery and courier services. They have evidence to gather, records to request, cases to build and, of course, trials to attend. They shouldn’t have to worry about whether a contract gets delivered to the right address or if a process was served on time. These are crucial pieces in cases, and they can’t be ignored or left by the wayside. So what’s a busy law firm to do?

That’s where a legal delivery service comes in. A legal delivery service can take charge of all delivery, courier and process services that a law firm needs. They’ll handle courthouse filings, serving subpoenas, delivering documents and contracts and even obtaining research documents. Plus, they’ll do it all quickly, easily and affordably. Do you want to ease your law firm’s load? Here are just a few ways a legal delivery service can help:

  • It can take the burden off your staff – Free up your staff’s time, and take the time-consuming burden of delivery, courier and shipping off their shoulders.
  • It can ensure documents and contracts get there fast – Be confident that your documents and contracts will arrive on time and at the correct address.
  • It can help retrieve documents from courthouses quickly – Get crucial documents, research and contracts for your cases within hours.
  • It can offer notarization on the fly – Take advantage of mobile notary services, and get documents notarized when and where you need them.
  • It can allow you to get back to more important matters – With the time and effort you’ll save using a legal delivery service, your team will have ample time to tend to other matters that are more important, like building your cases, working with your clients or marketing your firm.

Ready to take advantage of all the benefits a legal delivery service has to offer? Then contact Dependable Express today. Affordable, fast and professional, you’ll never want to do legal deliveries any other way.