Evaluating Your Van Delivery Service Needs: 4 Steps to Take

By April 27, 2015Courier Service

Not all delivery services are created equal. In fact, there are dozens of unique types of services you can choose from. You can opt for a van delivery service with a pre-scheduled route, choose same day delivery, or combine your delivery service with cross-docking or some other add-on service.

Not sure what type of delivery service you might need? Just take these steps:

  • Consider your typical delivery volume – How often do you have deliveries? Once a week? Once a month? Or is it every day? If you need deliveries more regularly, you might consider a regular, pre-scheduled van delivery service. If your deliveries are more one-off, then a quick same-day delivery, air freight or even bike courier may be a better option.
  • Figure out your timeline – How quickly do you need your deliveries made? Is it crucial they arrive the same day? Or do you usually have a few days of lag time? For fast deliveries, you’ll want to choose a same-day courier or van delivery service. For less time-sensitive ones, you can be a little more flexible with your shipping choice.
  • Determine what add-ons you’ll need – Do your deliveries require special care? Do you need to have GPS tracking and constant monitoring of their whereabouts? Does the delivery service need flat beds, lifts or other additional equipment to get the job done? These should all play into the type of delivery service you choose.
  • Check the budget – Finally, examine your budget. Generally, large-scale deliveries, deliveries that require special care or equipment, and fast-turnaround jobs will cost a little more than other services. If you’re tight on cash, you may want to consider using a pre-scheduled van delivery service, instead of specialty services.

Are you considering using a van delivery service or other type of courier at your place of business? Then contact Dependable Express today. We’ll help you find the perfect service for your needs and budget.