Nurses Station DeliveryAlmost everyone who hires a courier service has something important that needs to get to a location promptly, but your medical delivery is more than important; it is probably urgent. Shipments that contain human tissue, dental plates or medical supplies and devices usually require a courier to waste no time in making a timely delivery. Dependable Express is a San Antonio courier that specializes in meeting your medical delivery needs with efficiency and professionalism.

Training to Ensure Perfect Performance

With respect for the contents of the shipments that we deliver for you, we make sure that our carriers are fully apprised about the standards for delivering health related materials. Each one of our medical couriers studies the requirements provided by OSHA and HIPAA, and we have the utmost confidence in their skill and professional commitment to serve you. We provide specialized training in the handling of hazmat materials as well as in extreme precautions with blood borne pathogens.

The training that we require for our medical couriers qualifies them to serve you in these areas:

  • nursing homes

  • hospice facilities

  • hospitals

  • medical clinics

  • dentists’ offices

  • blood banks

  • clinical laboratories and pharmaceutical companies

Our staff is available to serve you around the clock on an emergency basis or with a regular schedule for pickup and delivery.

Meeting the Challenges

We understand that the shipments that you entrust to us can affect patients’ lives, and we take our responsibility very seriously. Regulatory requirements pose challenges that we meet everyday so that we can make your deliveries when every minute counts. We accept a commitment to provide same-day delivery when it meets your needs or STAT when time is of the essence.

Streamlining Your Service

Outsourcing delivery relieves you of concerns about finding a courier when you urgently need one. We are prepared to provide a completely reliable service that satisfies your requirements. We strive to lift the burden of logistics off your shoulders so that you can focus your professional skills on other matters.

Call Dependable Express at 1-888-392-0722 to schedule your medical deliveries whenever you need a fast San Antonio courier.