Businesses as well as individuals looking for a professional and very reliable courier service in San Antonio need look no further than Dependable Express. Our local San Antonio TX courier offers all of the usual services you might expect from a courier company, plus some additional services you might not expect.

Dependable Express has expanded its role in the industry beyond the quick delivery of small packages and important documents. While the men and women of Dependable Express still have plenty of requests every day by lawyers, accountants and other professionals to deliver legal papers and other documents across town before the day is over, we also have built a very successful freight transportation division for shipping heavier loads.

If you have several skids of freight or need to ship 10 pallets loaded with high-value office equipment, Dependable Express is well-equipped to handle the job. The company has a large fleet of trucks and professional drivers that will deliver your freight around San Antonio or to any point in Texas. Arrangements can also be made for interstate shipments.

Unlike most Less-than-truckload (LTL) or truck-load (TL) carriers that can also haul a pallet or full truckload to points around Texas, this company does so in an expedited fashion. As experts with 200 plus years of combined experience in the transportation and logistics industry, they know how to get the job done right. While an LTL carrier might promise you a delivery to El Paso in 3 days, if need be, Dependable Express can get that load to its destination the same day that the order was placed.

Going the extra mile is what this company is all about. We offer after-hour and weekend service to make sure those important loads get where they need to be, when they need to be there. Making sure that your freight arrives in the same condition as when it was loaded on the truck is a priority. Secure transportation is always a concern whenever you entrust your valuable freight to a courier company. Dependable Express has a near spotless record for making their deliveries as promised. In fact, they offer an absolute on-time guarantee on every shipment.

If you need freight transportation in San Antonio or any other courier service, rely on a leader. To schedule a pickup or for any questions about the courier and document services offered by Dependable Express, please give them a call at 210-877-6161 .