Getting Smart With Cross Docking

By March 9, 2017Cross Docking
cross docking

When you own or run your own business, it can be difficult to determine how to best allocate resources. How can you be sure if something is a frivolous expense or whether your company would fall apart without it? If you feel like you have been spending too much money on warehousing, it makes sense to look into where you can cut costs. For many companies, the best way to save on warehousing expenses is to implement cross docking whenever possible. But cost isn’t the only reason to utilize cross docking:

  • Cross docking saves time by moving shipments to outgoing vehicles as soon as they arrive. With no down time, inventory ships to customers more quickly.
  • By avoiding warehouse storage, you eliminate the need for warehousing fees, pallets, security, and staff.
  • Foregoing order picking, white glove, and other services, you can get by with fewer employees, reducing your labor costs.
  • Cross docking can be better for the environment, as it emphasizes carrying full truckloads and using fewer resources overall.
  • Cross docking may eliminate your need to own, rent, or manage your own warehouse space, giving you time and energy to focus on other aspects of your business.

Who should use cross docking?

  • It’s great for items in constant demand. Getting them to clients as soon as they arrive will delight retail clients.
  • If you routinely deal with items that are already tagged, bar coded, or otherwise ready for retail sale, cross docking is an excellent option.
  • If you hate dealing with warehousing items, you’ll love cross docking.

It should be noted that cross docking can take extensive planning and cooperation to work properly. This is often best left to professionals. The good news? Dependable Express is an industry leader in deliveries and cross docking. They’re well equipped to help you get your inventory where it needs to go, with service that will make your clients smile. For more information on cross docking services and rates, contact the Dependable Express professionals.