Have You Tried These 4 Courier Service Options?

You won’t find any cookie-cutter courier service here. At Dependable Express, we offer a wide variety of courier options, so you can choose the one that best fits your organization’s needs, timeline, location and budget.

Some of our top courier service options include:

  • Same day – Need a package delivered across your town (or even across the state) by the end of the day? No problem. With our express courier service, we’ll use a pre-scheduled route, air cargo plane or ground service to get it done.
  • One-, two-, three- and four-hour – Want something delivered there even faster? Need a contract sent out right away? We can handle that job, too. Depending on where you’re located (and your package’s final destination) we offer one-, two-, three- and four-hour delivery as well. You won’t find many couriers that offer this level of service.
  • High-tech delivery – Want eyes on your shipment at all times? Use our high-tech delivery options, which allow you to track your package and get real-time status updates 24/7. You’ll get an email upon delivery, and you can use the dashboard to run custom reports once it’s done.
  • Bike courier – Surrounded by traffic? Need something sent out at rush hour? Let our professional bike couriers manage the task. They can use shortcuts traditional vehicles never could, and they’ll make sure your package gets there ASAP.

Our courier service options are designed to meet every customer’s need and budget, so whether you’re sending something big, small, down the street, or cross-country, our expert team is here to help.

Require something we don’t already offer? We’d be happy to customize something for you. Just contact our team, and we’ll create a personalized courier route or service just for you and your organization.