How a Medical Delivery Service Works for Patients

Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, clinic office manager, phlebotomist, or anyone else who works in the medical field, patients are no doubt your top priority. You might not realize it, but the medical delivery service you hire can have a profound impact on your patients and the care they receive in your facility. How? Good question.

Reliable, dependable couriers are a no-brainer. Of course you want your medical delivery service to get samples, equipment, organs, medications, and everything else to the right place, the right party, and on time. But a medical courier also needs training in OSHA, HAZMAT, HIPAA, how to handle sensitive documentation and medical equipment, and even how to handle blood-borne pathogens. The men and women who deliver medical goods must possess up-to-the-minute knowledge of current regulatory guidelines and requirements. All this knowledge helps supply your patients with the same level of care and confidentiality that you provide every day.

Who uses a medical delivery service?

Many different medical service providers can benefit from a medical delivery service:

  • Drug companies
  • Pharmaceutical sales reps
  • Labs and testing facilities
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Dental and orthodontic clinics
  • Optical centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Emergency rooms or urgent care clinics
  • Mental health facilities
  • Addiction treatment and recovery centers

No matter what services a patient requires, having the necessary tools to treat them effectively and efficiently is paramount to you and to them. It’s not worth it to risk the health of your patients or the reputation of your facility by using a subpar or unqualified medical delivery service.

What specialized medical deliveries can Dependable Express handle?

Great question! Dependable Express can do it all:

  • Need a mobile notary when delivery documents and getting legally binding signatures? We can do it!
  • Have X-rays that must be delivered quickly so treatments can commence? We can do it!
  • Need to ship samples, tissues, or organs that have temperature-specific requirements? We can do it—even cold storage!
  • Must urgently ship medical supplies, drugs or medications, surgical tools, or even biotechnology? We can do it all, at prices that won’t destroy your budget.
  • What if you require deliveries at odd times of the night, on weekends, or during holidays? We can do it!

An accurate and timely medical delivery service can make a life-or-death difference to your patients. Dependable Express knows this too. That’s why we train our delivery professionals so your materials are handled safely and correctly and are delivered on time. Call us now to get a quote or arrange a delivery at 210-877-6161.