How Bike Couriers Save Energy

By March 18, 2013Bike Courier

Bike CourierDependable Express is a full-service courier company in San Antonio that improves the ways in which business is done. We have environmentally-friendly workers who take the time to get all packages and messages delivered.

Our San Antonio courier service is unique in more ways than one. Because of our highly skilled bike messengers, our service throughout the city is fast, friendly, and does not contribute to smog or air pollution.

Bike messengers are usually found in business centers of major cities, and a courier company uses bike deliverers for various reasons. Large cities are known for their traffic, and getting deliveries on time in a large truck can be difficult in these situations. Our workers are good at reeling in and out of dense areas and can get through traffic jams easily because they are so small.

Our delivery people handle a wide range of items, from flowers to confidential documents. We carry these items in secure messenger bags with sturdy straps. Since bicycle theft is a major problem in major cities, our messengers always use bike locks and carry maps, GPS devices, and weatherproof clothes. We are skilled messengers who wear helmets and practice safe biking.

The most important part of a bike courier business is navigation. Bikers must know where they are going and be able to give people directions. Many of our cycling couriers are very familiar with the geographic areas where they work. They do not have to study maps before going on a way. In case they do not know a location immediately, they check their GPS devices.

Dependable Express is an environmentally-friendly service that is dependable and easy to use. It is affordable and clean for the city air. Bikes do not cause pollution and traffic delays that are so common with cars. Contact one of our professionals at 1-888-392-0722 and ask about our same-day delivery service using bike messengers.