How Cross Docking Services Help Your Business Thrive

By August 15, 2016Cross Docking

If you’re not already using cross docking services, it may be because you don’t know exactly why you should. Cross docking creates a win-win situation for many businesses. That’s because cross docking services cut down on warehousing costs, save time, get deliveries out faster and on a more flexible schedule, and can save you money every step of the way. Let’s start with some basics. What exactly is cross docking? Simply put, it’s a service that allows you to send inventory, parts, or other shipments to a centralized location. Items can then be sorted, assembled, or repackaged for immediate shipment to your customers. Using cross docking services can eliminate or drastically reduce your need to own a warehouse, or even to rent pallet space.

Cross docking also saves time. Instead of unpacking, sorting, and then storing your inventory items in a warehouse, items can be sorted and immediately loaded onto outgoing trucks for faster delivery. This can even include freight items or those that must travel by plane. This means your customers, retail stores, or distributors get their items without delay. What if you have products that require several components that all go to the same place? Choose ‘distributor’ cross docking to get them there fast.

What if you’ve got perishable items that need immediate delivery to retail outlets? Cross docking is a great solution. Got promotional items that are needed quickly, or items that are always in constant demand? Cross docking allows them to go out with reliable speed so your customers never have to wait. Items already ready for immediate sale? Use cross docking services to save time. Dependable Express’ cross docking services offer live updating so you can check in with your shipments at any time. You might be surprised at how easy it is to switch to cross docking services for all your inventory management needs. You may be even more surprised by how much money and time you save. Contact Dependable Express today to get started.