How Our Same Day Delivery Service Can Benefit Your Retail Store

When you’re running a retail business, every minute matters. Your store is only open for so many hours in a day, and you have to take absolute advantage of every single second if you want to bring in new customers, make more sales and bring in more revenue. Fortunately, same day delivery service from Dependable Express can help you do just that. Our delivery services will take the hassle and headache of shipping off your shoulders so you can capitalize on every available moment.

Here are a few ways our same day delivery service can help your retail store:

  • By delivering inventory to various store locations – If you have multiple store locations across the city or state, let us handle the daily distribution. Have your bulk shipments sent to our facility, and we’ll divide them up, package them, and deliver them directly to each store location you need. This cuts down on your shipping costs in the long run, and it reduces the amount of time and effort your staff has to spend on these daily activities.
  • By meeting on-the-fly customer demands – Have a customer who wants an out-of-stock product? Maybe they want a different color or model style? We can help. We’ll pick up the product from one of your other store locations and deliver it within just a few hours to your customer’s hands. This helps you improve customer service and satisfaction, and keeps you from losing out on a sale just because of inventory issues.
  • By delivering immediately to vendors and partners – If you’re working with vendors, clients or marketers and they need products to sell or giveaway immediately, we can help with that, too. We’ll deliver the promotional items and products right to their door – that same day – so they can be used at events, trade shows, in meetings and in other venues that could improve your store.

Think same day delivery service could benefit your own retail store? Then contact Dependable Express. We make deliveries throughout the city, the state of Texas and the country, and we can help your business today.