local courier service

Choosing a local courier company is no small thing. You want to hire a company with proven experience, a friendly and professional staff, someone who values your business and your customers as highly as you do. The local courier company you contract should be versatile enough to meet your needs as they fluctuate throughout the fiscal year. Your businesses is always growing and changing—so the courier company you sign on with should be ready to meet the evolving needs of your business. Be sure to consider carefully before you make your selection.

You might begin by making a list of the types of deliveries you’ll need regularly. Does it include sensitive equipment like medical machinery or biological samples? Do you need legal documents to get from one place to another quickly, or do you require signatures to be notarized upon delivery? What about emergencies that require delivery by the end of the business day, within 4 hours, or even in one hour? Can they handle very large items, or offer flexible warehouse prices when you need storage? Does the local courier company offer all those services at prices that fit your budget? There’s no reason to settle for a company that doesn’t.

The right local courier company should offer courteous and professional drivers who don’t seem out of place in a legal, medical, or other professional setting. A mobile notary is a great feature, and should always be available in case you need it. Errand running services are another great feature you should insist on. There should also be a variety of same-day delivery time frames so you can get items or paperwork where it needs to go on a schedule that doesn’t break the bank. There is much to consider when choosing a local courier company. The more you plan ahead, the easier it will be to find one that meets all your needs. Dependable Express meets all of these requirements and more; talk to one of our team members today to see how we can make your life easier.