The Keys to Successful Freight Logistics

By October 14, 2014Logistics

We’ve been handling freight logistics and transportation for years now. In that time, we’ve become experts in the field, and we know what works, what doesn’t work and what it takes to see a project through to success.

Does your company require freight logistics? Here’s what we’ve learned are the keys to success:

  • A one-stop solution – Logistics can get complicated – especially if there are three, four or even five companies involved. The best option is to always go with a one-stop solution, a company that can handle receiving shipments, warehousing, distribution and loading, and finally, transportation to the final destination.
  • The right equipment – No two shipments are alike. Some can be loaded in easily by hand, while others need pallet jacks or lift-gate trucks in order to get the shipment on board. You may also need shipping pads and tarps to keep fragile shipments safe, or even a flatbed or other type of add-on in case your shipment is large or oddly shaped.
  • Knowledgeable loaders, packers and drivers –You want to ensure your shipment is safe every step of the way, so choosing the right team is imperative. You need workers who are experienced in the business, have a keen eye for detail and are very careful and methodical in their work.
  • GPS tracking and customer notification – In order for your shipment to be successful, you need to be able to stay on top of it from start to finish. That’s why choosing a logistics company with GPS tracking ability is crucial. This allows you to check in on your shipment at all times, so you can ensure it’s en route and on schedule.

Need freight logistics at your company? Look no further than Dependable Express. Our freight experts can ensure your shipment is safe, secure and on-time every time.