Legal Deliveries Done Right

By April 15, 2013Process Servers

Reliability is one of the best reasons for using a legal courier service. Clients depend on legal firms to complete transactions in a timely manner and to make sure that documents are available. Missing a deadline can make you have to pay a fine or miss a deal. Transactions that rely on having all documents available at a specific time cannot go forward when any legal paper is missing. Dependable Express has a record of outstanding performance as a legal courier, and you can count on us to deliver on time, every time.

Court Filing & Research

As a small law firm, you can use our San Antonio courier for court filings and research to save time for your staff. Trips to the courthouse or clients’ or other lawyers’ offices can use time that you need for more important work. Critical documents and paperwork such as court filings and deed recordings that we pick up or deliver are handled safely and efficiently.

Our staff can file your documents at county, state, federal, and bankruptcy courts. We can provide support with legal deliveries that include:

  • court document courier delivery
  • delivery of affidavits and statements
  • motion filing
  • legal document filing

Every document that we can track down and retrieve represents a savings in time and money for you.

Mobile Notary

Transactions can come to a full stop without finalization by a notary public. Our 24/7 courier service gives you access to a notary whenever you need it. Many small firms like yours choose not to devote funds to establishing a full-time position for a requirement that is needed only on occasion. Our service can fill a gap when you need it and relieve you of the need to hire a skill that is unnecessary most of the time.

You can trust us with your most valuable and time-sensitive documents. We use the newest technology and offer affordable prices as well as on-time guarantees. Call Dependable Express at 1-888-392-0722 when you need expert legal deliveries.