How Same Day Delivery Services Can Help If You Have Many Locations

Whether you’re a retailer, restaurateur, lawyer, accountant or doctor, chances are you work with people across the state. You may even have franchises or locations all over Texas. But as you know, Texas is a big place. If you need to get something from one place to another, it could take a while – maybe days! And sometimes, you just don’t have the time for that.

That’s why we offer same day delivery services across the entire state of Texas. Whether you’re located in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Austin or El Paso, we can get your shipments from point A to point B in less than 24 hours.

How Our Same Day Delivery Can Help

We offer five levels of same day delivery to fit any need your business may have. Whether you need city delivery, delivery to a rural location, white glove courier services, desktop and doc-to-doc delivery or even bike courier services, we have the solution to get the job done.

If your needs are more consistent, we can even offer you pre-scheduled pickup and delivery services. These can be day, night or even on the weekends. Additionally, we offer on-time guarantees with each of our shipments, and you’ll even get access to GPS tracking, so you can monitor your delivery at every turn.

We put no limitations on size or weight, and in many cases, we can get same-day deliveries completed in just three short hours. Plus, we’re bonded and insured, so you never have to worry about the state of your shipments—ever.

Our same day delivery services are ideal for sending documents, contracts or product shipments, and they can even be used to transport perishable goods and food items. In the event you need to ship something outside of the Lone Star state, we can also help with air cargo services, and ensure fast, on-time delivery across the country.

Need Same Day Delivery?

If your company needs same day delivery services, think of Dependable Express. Our logistics experts are here to help.