Make Sure Your Product Arrives in Time for the Holidays

Holiday PackagesOne thing that helps to make Christmas sales successful is getting your product on the shelves in time for shoppers to buy it. Customers in rural areas and cities across Texas can find your product missing unless you find a reliable way to ship it. Shipping demands increase around the holiday season, but you have a fail-safe way to avoid late delivery with Dependable Express. Even if you wait until the last moment, the best San Antonio delivery company can make sure that your product arrives on time.

Experience Counts

A company that has an outstanding reputation for same-day delivery is one that you can count on for courier services. Many businesses in San Antonio rely on Dependable Express for reliable delivery to nearby outlets and those far away. When you want to make sure that your Christmas product gets to its destination on time, you need a company that proves its merit every day.

Service on Demand

What you can expect when you turn your deliveries over to Dependable Express is a variety of services that are customized to fit your needs. A superior freight and logistics operation assures you same-day delivery for truckloads of your product. You get low rates and top-notch service by friendly professionals who know how to please.

After-hours and weekend service makes sure that your product gets loaded and delivered the way you expect. Pre-scheduled deliveries give your warehouse crew a way to plan the shipments that need to go out on time. Some of our most popular services include:

  • Base charges for loads up to 1,000 pounds
  • On-demand rush service
  • Freight supplies including pallet jacks, flatbeds, tarps, shipping pads and more
  • Dock high trucks equipped with lift gates

Awards given to Dependable Express give you assurance of superior performance. The Better Business Bureau has received no complaint from any customer for nine years, and we’re proud to say that we conduct business according to a stringent code of ethics. Senator Cornyn even recognized our team for its pursuit of excellence on two separate occasions.

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