Medical Courier Service in San Antonio TX

Your San Antonio courier, Dependable Express, is the only local courier certified by the State of Texas as a Qualified Courier and Logistics Company. Dependable Express delivery drivers are also all HIPAA trained, hazmat trained, specimen spill trained, blood-born pathogen trained, and have received patient sensitivity training (bedside manors). Dependable Express is the only company you should trust to provide medical courier service in San Antonio.

Drivers at Dependable Express understand and have been trained to follow the required procedures and standards for delivering sensitive healthcare-related materials. Your local San Antonio TX medical courier has experience delivering items such as cold storage specimens, human tissue, medical supplies and devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical and surgical supplies, and X-rays.

Emergency, STAT and regular delivery services are available 24/7 to hospitals, medical and dental clinics, labs, nursing homes, hospice care, and pharmaceutical companies. Expedient and reliable deliveries are available for scheduling through the website or calling 1-800-349-9161. Your San Antonio TX courier also provides local bases for packaging and handling specimens as well as storage space for customer specific packaging materials.

Dependable Express medical delivery and logistics expert, Jason Miller, can offer more information on the wide range of delivery options for sensitive documents and materials. Trust one of the largest courier providers in the Greater San Antonio area with all your delivery service needs. Your time and success depend on it. Give Dependable Express a call at 210-877-6161 and 1-800-349-9161 or schedule San Antonio courier service online.