On-call or Pre-scheduled Courier: Which is Right for Your Brand?

By October 12, 2015Courier Service

When it comes to courier services, you have two options: First, you can go with an on-call courier. This means you only call on the courier as needed, when a delivery or shipment requires their services. The second option is to go with a pre-scheduled courier – a courier that offers regular, scheduled services along specific routes.

Not sure which option is best for you? Simply ask yourself these questions:

  • How often do you make deliveries or shipments? Are you always sending contracts to business partners, shipping out inventory to retail locations or mailing on-boarding packages to new clients? Then it may be most time- and cost-effective to set up a regular route with a pre-scheduled courier. If your delivery needs are more sporadic or irregular, a one-off, on-call service may work.
  • Do you have any regular, daily or weekly needs? Does you get interoffice mail delivered daily? Do you have bank deposits to make or a regular Monday morning delivery to all your offices? This is the perfect opportunity to enlist a pre-scheduled courier and enjoy more affordable, efficient services. In the event you don’t have any daily or weekly needs, or you’re just too small an organization to worry about it, then on-call services may better suit your business.
  • Do you have other logistics to consider? Pre-scheduled couriers can be a great option if other logistics are involved. Say, for example, that your warehouse gets regular inventory deliveries every Tuesday. By pre-scheduling your courier to arrive Tuesday afternoon, you can take those shipments straight from the truck to your customers, avoiding warehousing costs in the process.

While both an on-call and pre-scheduled courier will get the job done, each has its own unique pros and cons. Still not sure which option best suits your company’s situation? Contact Dependable Express today. We can help with all of your courier needs.