For many Texas businesses, making a profit is about more than just creating products or services. Successful firms also have to assure their consumers and shareholders that they can get these goods from one place to another successfully. Seems simple, but that can be a major problem for those who don’t actually run their own courier service in San Antonio. Here at Dependable Express, however, our expertise works for you, so that you can focus on the things you really need to.

We offer many things, but foremost among these is years of experience. Over time, we’ve had opportunities to handle almost everything under the sun, including hazardous materials and items other firms wouldn’t even touch. Even more amazingly, over the course of all these deliveries, we’ve never missed a beat. Our repertoire includes diverse cargoes like:

  • Lifesaving medical devices and tissue samples
  • Vital legal briefs and courtroom research
  • Heavy palletized freight, fragile prototypes and warehouse retail stock
  • Document shredding and destruction

We understand the importance of ensuring that your materials remain in the right hands at all times. That’s why we run a uniquely secure transportation service. Our GPS tracking lets you better coordinate your work schedules and your shipment expectations reducing down time and keeping your firm in peak working condition no matter what. For those rush jobs, our same day delivery ensures you never have to keep important clients waiting.

Why should you outsource? For one thing, you have a business to run. If you can’t maintain absolute focus on the things you specialize in, no amount of overtime will make up for it. It’s critical that you work with someone who can ensure your shipments, mission essential supplies and legal papers reach their intended destinations on time and in absolutely perfect condition.

Texas businesses thrive on our perfect handling techniques, employee vetting and on-time guarantee. Why should your firm have to deal with anything less? To learn how your business can benefit from Texas’ most reliable delivery, call Dependable Express at 1-800-349-9161 today. You can also contact us online.